Company products

Al-Marasim company imported and supplied foodstuffs with the owner companies, we strive to make our products the preferred choice for the consumer, and we seek to obtain the best agencies for food products.

Buono Agency

Confined to Buono products

Agency El-Gayed company holding

Confined to the products of El-Gayed company

Al-Marasem company

for importing and distributing foodstuffs, it is based in Benghazi, and it is the exclusive agent for several products. Al-Marasim company is interested in choosing the products carefully as the products are selected with high quality.


The company's vision

1. The company is working to be among the best Libyan, Arab and international companies In marketing.
2. It aspires to reach the world in import and advanced marketing solutions.
3. Be the first choice for investors looking for both quality and safety.
4. Our services should always be above the expected level for our customers with the best tools And one professional competencies for scientific and practical methods.

Corporate social responsibility ... Objective - Quality - Trust - Trust

The company relies on the standard specifications subject to the control of foodstuffs for the Libyan state.

Contact details

Mobile: 00218915882643


Business hours

From 8:30 am - 4:00 pm